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Mission Itinerary

Mission Itinerary as of April 2024:

This is a draft schedule and is likely to change, but it will be similar to the activities listed below.

For questions about the itinerary, please get in touch with Julia Franks, 702-732-0556 or

Day 1: Monday, May 27, 2024


Welcome to Israel! Join us as we delve into the events of October 7th, shedding light on the atrocities and facing harsh realities head-on. Through a series of gatherings, our aim is to gradually reveal the unimaginable truths, exploring depths of despair and the resilience needed as we chart Israel's course beyond its 76th Independence Day.

  • Individual arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, upon arrival you will meet your individual transportation.

  • Check in, freshen up, and get ready for a Welcome Dinner.

  • Opening Briefing over Dinner.

Overnight: The David Kempinski Hotel, Tel Aviv

Day 2: Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Accompany us on a voyage of remembrance, rejuvenation, and reconstruction as we venture to the Gaza envelope. Experience firsthand the physical and communal devastation, listening to heartfelt testimonies from kibbutz residents. Engage with NGOs committed to reinvigorating the land, guaranteeing food security for Israel, and reigniting the pioneering ethos of early Zionism. Most importantly, uncover hope amid the ruins -the battlegrounds evolving into fields of  anemones, resonating with the joyful laughter of children rediscovering play around the kibbutzim.

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Early departure to the Gaza Envelope.

  • #Remember - Visit the Nova Festival massacre site near Kibbutz Reim. The festival, held on October 7th, turned tragic when Hamas infiltrated Israel's borders, resulting in the brutal killing of over 300 civilians enjoying the event. Today, at the site, you'll find a powerful art installation featuring pictures of participants. Each image is placed on the exact spot where the person stood when Hamas carried out their heinous acts of murder, assault, and kidnapping during the infiltration. We will meet Wahid, a Bedouin hero who saved many Israelis from this massacre.

  • Continue to Kibbutz Be’eri where over 98 members were murdered and 32 were abducted to Gaza. Witness the devastation and carnage that faced the community.

  • Lunch en route.

  • Drive to the Ramat Hanegev municipality. Jewish Nevada’s partnership region in Israel.

  • #Regrow - Meet with Eran Doron, head of Ramat HaNegev’s municipality.

  • Proceed to Kibbutz Revivim to pay respects at the cemetery, where the murdered from Kibbutz Be’eri are temporarily buried.

  • Although separated by a 40-minute drive, the kibbutzim Be'eri and Revivim share a pioneer connection rooted in the settlement of people determined to cultivate the wilderness. Despite lacking a blood tie, their destinies are intertwined with the land of the Negev. It is where they were raised and where they will ultimately rest.

  • Drive back to Tel Aviv.

  • Free Evening with dinner on own.

Overnight: The David Kempinski Hotel, Tel Aviv

Day 3: Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Processing transcends mere mental exercises; it is a fundamental pillar of human growth and comprehension. It involves actively grappling with our thoughts, emotions, and experiences to imbue them with significance and integrate them into our lives. At its core, processing empowers us to attain understanding, achieve closure, and ultimately move forward with enhanced strength and clarity. Acknowledging and addressing our innermost thoughts and emotions, we untangle complexities, heal from past wounds, and cultivate a deeper self-awareness. Today presents an opportunity for both personal and communal processing, enriching our collective resilience as a nation. Through this shared journey, we strengthen our connections and bolster our ability to confront challenges together.

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Depart the hotel and Drive to Jaffa.

  • Riding Waves of Hope with HaGal Sheli: Founded by friends Yaron Waxman and Omer Tulchinsky, HaGal Sheli merges surfing and education to empower at-risk youth. They extend their support to Nova survivors, kibbutz kids, and soldiers affected by trauma post-October 7th. Through surfing, teens overcome challenges, building confidence and a sense of achievement. With 10 centers across Israel, HaGal Sheli serves hundreds of groups annually, fostering inclusivity and offering a pathway to a brighter, trauma-free future for youth from diverse backgrounds.

  • Depart to Jerusalem.

  • Visit JDC headquarters to hear about initiatives after October 7th and ongoing activities to better evacuees’ lives. (Lunch spread at JDC)

  • Drive to the old city for a quick visit to the Western Wall to pray for the Safety of IDF soldiers and the State of Israel.

  • Early Dinner in Jerusalem.

  • Return to hotel.

Overnight: The David Kempinski Hotel, Tel Aviv

Day 4: Thursday, May 30, 2024

  • Private Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Morning Session: My Story - Meet Jecki and Yaron, parents of Adi Vital-Kaploun, who was murdered in Kibbutz Holit on October 7th. Adi was shot dead by Hamas terrorists in front of her children, 4-year-old Negev and 4-month-old Eshel.

  •  Depart the hotel and drive to Ra’anana.

  • Join us in volunteering in Leket Ra'anana.

  • Leket Israel, the National Food Bank, is Israel's primary food rescue organization. Unlike other aid groups, Leket Israel's exclusive mission is to salvage surplus, healthy food, and distribute it to those in need through partner nonprofits. In light of the recent events of October 7th, which have profoundly impacted our world and local agriculture, farmers have encountered significant challenges, including enlistment into reserves, loss of foreign workers, and infrastructure damage, affecting Israel's food reserves. In response, Leket has initiated a collaborative effort, bringing together various organizations to support farmers by connecting them with local workers. Today, we will put our farmer hat on and volunteer in an agriculture warehouse.

  • Lunch at Habayit Shel Benji. (Spread)

  • Habayit Shel Benji - Explore the Benji Hillman Foundation, established in 2006 to honor major Benji Hillman, a hero of the 2006 Lebanon War. Dedicated to supporting lone combat soldiers and underprivileged IDF members, the foundation aids soldiers during and after their service, facilitating their integration into Israeli society. Meet CEO Saul Rurka, learn about initiatives, and visit the soldiers' home away from home.

  • Visit ‘Kikar Hahatufim’ – Hostage Square – Located outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. There, view the interpretive and powerful art on display. Participate in the activities in the square. 

  • Return to hotel to pack and rest.

  • 6:00 p.m. Late check out from the hotel.

  • Farewell dinner in Tel Aviv to be joined by Dr. Einat Wilf. Dr. Wilf is one of Israel’s most articulate representatives on the international stage and a leading intellectual and original thinker on matters of foreign policy, economics, education, and Jewish peoplehood. Together with Wilf, explore the macro-societal effects of this pivotal moment for the Jewish people around the world today and into the future and your role as a Jewish leader in your community.

  • Transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport.

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