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For specific questions, contact Julia Franks, Chief Strategy Officer, at or 702-732-0556

  • What about my flights?
    Please book your flights so that you arrive in Tel Aviv no later than 3pm on Monday, May 27th. If you arrive earlier and need to reserve a night before please let us know. The mission ends after dinner on Thursday, May 30th. Most flights returning back to the United States depart Ben Gurion Airport between 11pm and 6am the following morning. West coast flights typically leave from 12am-2am. Please plan your travel to depart at the end of the mission. There will be one group departure transfer after dinner to the airport.
  • What has Jewish Nevada done since 10-7?
    In the wake of 10-7 several community programs were held locally. Additionally, thanks to you, Jewish Nevada has raised over $900,000 from over 650 donors for the Israel Emergency Fund. Jewish Nevada has a task force specifically focused on allocating the funds raised that meets every two weeks. We’ve granted more than $800,000 to the following organizations. These are the total amounts that have been allocated so far. To learn more about Jewish Nevada’s Emergency Relief efforts in Israel, please visit:
  • I’ve been to Israel many times. Is this mission a good fit for me? Why?
    Yes! All of our trips are designed so that there is something new and different each time. No matter how many times you’ve been to Israel, you’ll experience something new on this mission. This is not an ordinary mission. It’s designed for those who have a knowledge of Israel, see themselves as leaders in the secular or American Jewish community, and are prepared for a high emotional toll as we bear witness to the realities of Israel post-Oct 7, 2023. The Jewish Nevada community has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting Israel. In line with our longstanding tradition and Federation mission, we offer this opportunity to willing and able people.
  • Will I have any free time?
    Although the mission schedule will be packed, there is a small amount free time built in if you need to catch your breath, do some shopping, or meet up with Israeli friends for a meal.
  • Why would I go on a Federation mission as opposed to another trip?
    A mission is a trip with a purpose. You won’t just see Israel’s sites; you’ll get to know Israel on a deeper level. You’ll see firsthand the impact of your work abroad through Jewish Nevada and meet the people whose lives have been touched by your dollars. The union of the heightened emotional state from these visits and the power of Israel creates a profound experience you will never forget. You will gain exclusive access to the people, places, and experiences that other tourists cannot.
  • I don’t like what the Israeli government is doing. Why should I support it?
    Going to Israel is not an indication that you are in favor of government policies. One of the most compelling reasons to visit Israel is to participate in open dialogue and hear a broad range of opinions from Israelis. Israel is a country with a free press and its citizens are comfortable disagreeing with their government and with each other.
  • What will SECURITY be like on the trip? Should I be concerned about my safety?
    The safety and well-being of participants are our top priority during this trip. Experienced travelers know that there are no guarantees when it comes to travel or safety anywhere, we are taking all appropriate precautions to organize a safe and successful program. While Israel is in a tough neighborhood in the Middle East, life in Israel these days is vibrant. Over the years, we have perfected our skills in providing top-level programming and service, while at the same time maintaining the highest safety and security standards possible. This is how we do it: · During the initial preparation stages of any trip, we make sure that the routes and sites suggested are accessible and appropriate in terms of safety and security for tour visits. · The day before a group’s arrival, the entire trip route is vetted by relevant security personnel and our staff. · Each day throughout the trip, before departure from the hotel, our team consults Israeli security authorities to verify that the trip route is acceptable and accessible on that given day. · We are in constant contact with Israeli security and safety officials and receive daily and sometimes hourly updates about all areas of the country. · We work with security companies, all licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice, whose employees are all individually licensed and trained for personal protection. When recommended by security authorities, we will have an armed guard escorting the group; this is something that happens rarely and is always seen as a precaution and not a necessity. · The safety and security of our participants are our utmost concern. If for any reason, we believe that routes need to be changed, altered, or canceled, we will not hesitate to do so. Most importantly, when it comes to safety and security, we relate to participants as we would members of our family, with the same level of concern and desire to make sure that they have the best possible time while traveling through Israel.
  • Do I need TRAVEL and HEALTH insurance?
    Getting insurance can be a very good thing for travel, but you need to do your homework. Also, when thinking about insurance, there are two different things to consider: do you want travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip, or do you need additional health insurance for coverage when you travel abroad? You might need both, and some travel policies cover both - but you need to ask and read the many policies only cover one or the other and can be quite specific about eligibility. Here is a non-exhaustive list of providers should you wish to purchase additional insurance. Inclusion on this list should not be construed as an endorsement by Jewish Nevada. Allianz | 866-672-9580 Travel Guard | 800-826-4919 Travelex Insurance | 800-228-9792 Travel Insurance Services | 800-937-1387 Insure My Trip | 800-487-4722 We urge you to purchase cancellation insurance & supplemental medical coverage (which covers preexisting conditions). This is a smart way to safeguard against life's surprises. We strongly urge travelers to check international coverage through their current health insurance provider as they are responsible for any and all personal medical expenses during the trip.
  • When will the itinerary be finalized?
    While a draft itinerary is currently available for this trip, it is subject to change up until the activities take place. We will share regular itinerary updates until the week before the trip. Even then, the itinerary is subject to change based on a variety of factors, including scheduling, traffic, other opportunities, and safety considerations. Our goal is to be as accurate and prepared as possible, giving a good representation of what we will do on the program, and recognizing that flexibility is essential.
  • Is the trip accessible?
    Presently the trip and our transportation are not set up for someone traveling full-time in a wheelchair or with serious mobility issues. If you use a wheelchair or scooter full-time, please contact us immediately to discuss options before you book. While many sites in Israel are handicapped-accessible, this means they have ramps or elevators. Some still have dirt paths or uneven stone walkways. Please keep this in mind. Where possible, we will make arrangements to minimize the walking required, though if you are uncomfortable with certain elements of the program requiring walking, you can remain with the bus or at a convenient location for the tour. IF YOU HAVE ANY MOBILITY ISSUES OR CONCERNS, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REACH OUT AND DISCUSS YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION WITH OUR TEAM TO BE CLEAR ABOUT EXPECTATIONS AND WHAT OPTIONS ARE.
  • When can I see my family and friends on the trip?
    Should you have family and friends in Israel, we encourage you to arrange family visits during free time in the evenings in the hotels. Please don’t invite family to participate during scheduled group programs or free meals in the middle of the day.
  • Can we travel on our own during the program apart from the group? What if we want to relax on our own one day?
    While we do not plan on forcing anyone to do anything, every effort has been made to put together a well-balanced itinerary and holistic trip experience. It is challenging to keep track of folks who go off on their own during the program, adds an extra burden on trip staff to keep track of shifting participants, and detracts from the group dynamic we hope will develop during this trip. Other than in the case of illness or extreme circumstances, we ask and encourage all participants to remain with the group during the organized program.
  • Are there other helpful hints for me to know?
    · Always ask your taxi driver to turn on the meter in the city. It is the law, but they may try to negotiate a “fixed price” which will almost certainly be higher than the meter. · Inter-city taxi travel is based on a fixed price – no meter necessary. · There is a great app in Israel like Uber for ordering cabs: GetTaxi. · Please always carry drinking water with you – the sun can be really hot. The tap water in Israel is very clean and safe to drink! · Please wear hats and sunscreen when you are out and about. · Make sure your valuables are secure on your person as pickpockets can be an issue in crowded places (particularly in and around the Old City). Men should carry wallets in their front pockets. Purses or handbags should be carried across your shoulder and securely closed.
  • What are other links to explore what Israel is like?
    Visit the Israel Virtual Experience online: General Israel travel info from Frommers: A great way to explore Israel in the news: Israel’s history in maps: A good resource for exploring social and other issues facing Israel:
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